Lie Detector Test: What influenced the adoption of lie detector test machines?

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With time there has been an increased rise in the use of the lie detector test machines in various industries. Such an increase can be owed to its use in many television shows. Many reality TV shows, as well as different television shows, has popularized the use of lie detector machines. It has influenced many people in thinking that the easiest way to find out the truth regarding anything is to use a lie detector machine. Thus, it has led to the fact that for interrogating suspects and criminals in which industry it may be, a lie detector machine has to be used.

Such influence has led to an increase in the demand for lie detector test machines by various industries. The use of lie detector test prices has also become mandatory in many police departments all over the world. Many police departments prefer a lie detector machine while investigating or interrogating criminals. Using a lie detector machine in criminal investigation allows the investigators to easily read the criminal mind, which eventually leads them to the truth. For a thorough investigation using a lie detector test machine is an effective way. Thus, such factors have influenced its adoption.

A lie detector test machine has taken a lot of different forms in its structure, design, and so on overtime. But the lie detector machine was fully computerized in the year 1992. After its computerization, the use of the lie detector machine has even become more effective and accurate. If the lie detector test is carried out correctly by a very experienced professional, then the result generated can be as accurate as 98%, as suggested by professionals.

But the most important thing to remember while conducting a lie detector test is to choose the questions very carefully. Setting the wrong type of questions can mislead the person who is undergoing the lie detector test. If the examiner asks the wrong kind of questions to the person, then there is the possibility of the machine depicting the answer replied by the person as lying. Thus, in such cases, even if the person answers truthfully, the person is shown to be lying by the lie detector machine.

The examiner or the person who is conducting the lie detector test needs to very good at communicating with other people. They ought to have solid analytical knowledge. The examiner also has to be ready before the actual lie sensor test begins. Ergo, it’s critical to have a expert examiner who’s knowledgeable in managing and structuring the lie detector machine. Otherwise, you will find a weird reading from the machine.

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