Pacific West Academy – Imparting Executive Protection Training

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Pacific West Academy provides executive protection training programs needed to be useful in any security or protection field. It is part of the ASC (Advanced Security Concepts) Company. This ASC is a leader in the executive training field. Pacific West Academy has locations in San Diego and Los Angeles to provide executive protection training to clients and take their careers to new heights. The certification programs given by the Academy imparts students with practical skills in any executive protection and security career field.

Pacific West Academy imparts a Comprehensive Security Training program. This is a 104 hours course within twelve days. The CST program focuses on imparting practical and realistic fundamental training for entry-level trainees in security positions. All training programs at Pacific West Academy are designed to be attainable in a step-by-step process. This helps in developing confidence and understanding of every topic through practical and classroom exercises.

The CST program is perfect for individuals who wish to enter the private security industry. They can achieve their goals by undergoing training and receiving certificates in various high-end security related courses at Pacific West Academy. This CST is an approved program designed to impart high-quality training and employment services to help eligible individuals find and qualify for security jobs. The duration is for 104 hours and costs $1,950. The cost includes application, fingerprinting, and supplies fees. However, a mandatory background and application check is done by the state for certification approval. Thus, before registering for the twelve-day course, applicants are required to check whether they meet the requirements.

The Pacific West Academy also provides a Certified Executive Security Specialist course. It strives to help U.S. military veterans to transition from military duty to high-end executive security protection personnel. This CESS course is the Academy’s prestigious program approved for post-VA benefits. It offers physical and classroom training geared towards finding employment in executive security positions like residential protection, executive protection, executive driving, countermeasures, technical surveillance, etc. The team at Pacific West Academy comprise of Israeli and American military veterans. They guide the trainees towards having a successful career in high-end executive security positions. For more information please visit

It is also crucial you look for an executive protection agent who’s good at dealing with the customer’s associated workers or clients. Since an executive protection broker’s occupation also includes attending to the guests, then look for you with courtesy. Decision-making abilities are another quality to search for in an executive protection broker. An executive protection broker with good decision making abilities will be able to deal with any kind of situation professionally.

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